We are breeders of high quality Collies,  specializing in health, beauty, and temperament. We strive to place our Collie puppies in the perfect home. Our male, Shadow,  earned his CGC certificate at 8 months old.  Bobbie, Shadow's son, earned his CGC at 7 months of age! 
Both Shadow and Bobbie have been Optigen tested for CEA. They are both carriers, Shadow is normal eyed and Bobbie is mildly affected.

 At ROLLINGWOOD COLLIES,  all our dogs are raised in our home and given constant love, socialization and training.
Our Collies are registered AKC.
Please explore this site to learn more. Call 580-230-9293 or email us at eliza_k22@hotmail.com  to learn more about our wonderful Collies. Thank you for visiting us.
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580-230-9293 or email us at eliza_k22@hotmail.com

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 Rollingwood Collies
Betty and David  White
Joplin, MO 64804

We raise Collies for the love of the breed. Rose and Lace give us beautiful, healthy puppies once a year. By keeping to just two breeding females, David and I are able to enjoy each and every puppy. Because we have only two litters, we encourage anyone interested in one of our dogs, to contact us and be placed on a waiting list.
Thank you!


It has been brought to our attention that some breeders are sending their perspective puppy owners to our site and inferring that they are affiliated with us here at Rollingwood Collies. David and I are the sole owners of our Collies and are not affiliated with any other dog breeder! If, in the future this changes we will announce it here.
Thank you,
David and Betty White
JR  placed!
June 20, 2014
1 day short of 3 weeks!
June 25, 2014
3 weeks old!
first time outside--maybe!
Shadow with his puppies!
July 17, 2014
August 4, 2014 Playing on a hot afternoon!
Max and Molly playing with Lady under the watchful eyes of Shadow and Rose!
 We are expecting two litters this Spring!

Check back for birth announcements.]
Rose's puppies from last year!
Lace with some of her pups from past litter!

What you can expect when you buy a Rollingwood Collie.

It still amazes me that people expect all kinds of good genetics, and then do not want to pay the price for a sound, healthy Collie, who isn't going to constantly be going to the vet. 

Genetic testing is not free, and generations of a good breeding program are at a great cost to us.
We all want the same thing: healthy hearts, thyroids, seizure free, no digestive disorders, no skin problems, good eyes, no hip, hock or spinal problems, great temperament, high intelligence, and a long healthy life for our Collie. That is what you are paying for.
Last year's puppies.