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Brandymae's Lace

Lace is Duke and Brandy's daughter. At about one year of age, Lace came back to live with us. She had broken her rear leg and was in need of medical attention. She is very intelligent, loving and a great mother!
Lace retired and lived as our beloved pet until she passed away after suffering  a stroke. She is missed greatly.
Rollingwood's Dusty Rose
Rose came to us as a rescue dog. After extensive testing etc, we added her to our breeding program. She is AKC. We are very fortunate to have such a loving, gentle Collie!
Brandy, our beginning!
2003 to 2016
In Memory 
We lost our beloved, Sheba on September 16, 2012 to an ongoing heart condition.

Even though she was only in our lives for 14 months, she has left a hole in our hearts and home.

Good bye, Sheba
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​Dutchess is now living a wonderful life as a beloved pet!

She has her human, Jane, her best friends, a dobie and  greyhound and her horses!
She's a true country girl now!