AT Collies of Rollingwood Estates, we place our puppies as companion/pets and not as Breeding or "show Quality".

Once a puppy leaves our premises, it is under the buyers control and we are no longer responsible for any accidents or Veterinarian expenses. If treatment is rendered, it is at the buyer's expense.

Collies of Rollingwood Estates guarantees this puppy to be free from any hereditary defects which would seriously effect the quality of life for one year. If your Vet finds any hereditary defects that would keep this puppy from serving as a companion/pet, or is life threatening, the buyer must notify us immediately and return the puppy.  We will need records and statements from the attending Vet or in the event of death, an autopsy report, sent to us before a replacement puppy will be sent from the next available litter. Buyer will pay for all travel expenses and will be responsible for their medical expenses while puppy is in their care.

No guarantees are made against accidents, mortality, hypo-glycemia or allergy problems. If your puppy is used for breeding, this guarantee does not cover anything to do with breeding, whelping, or any expenses that pertain to this.   We have "adopted" back some of our puppies under special circumstances. So, please call us immediately if you and your puppy are having any problems.

Our Collies receive the best of care but this guarantee is non binding if you do not take your new puppy to your Vet within 3 working days of picking up your puppy.  

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