I fell in love with Colilies after seeing "Lassie come home." My parents fullfilled my dream of owning a Collie on my 13th birthday! Tawney was a beautiful sable and white ball of fluff and was my constant companion for ten years.  
David and I brought home our first Collie, Brandy, in 2004. By the time she was five months old, she had finished some training classes and placed 4th in a puppy class out of 13 dogs. By then, David had fallen completly in love with Collies and decided I should raise them. Our goal is to maintain the beauty and temperment of this beautiful breed while striving for the best health by careful breeding. 
So, our search began for our male. Duke is an outstanding tri-color with a personality to die for. He, too competed dog training classes as we feel a well trained dog is a welcome companion in anyone's home! After three litters, totaling 31 puppies, we have retired Brandy and Duke.  They are our cherished companions. We now have her daughter, Lace, to carry on their line.
Lace was placed in a wonderful home at 9 weeks of age but after suffering a severe broken leg, has come back home to live with us once again. Her injury has only made  her sweeter and she will be trained as a Therapy Dog. We plan to breed her  next year to our newest addition, Shadow.
Shadow is a white Collie with a tri colored head and 3 black spots on his rump and base of his tail. He, too, is in training and looks like he will be well suited as a Therapy Dog. Good News! At eight months of age, Shadow earned his CGC!
 Please contact us with questions about any aspect of our business. We’re always happy to hear from fellow dog lovers. 
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Betty with Duke, David with Angel at training class
Shadow, 11 months old, at Rally Class.
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Our cat Mitty, who thinks she's a Collie!
Lady, daughter of Rose and Shadow.
​Dutchess with her new family!